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    1. Welcome to the MWRC

      The Manchester Wesley Research Centre is a partnership of institutions and a community of scholars working together to promote research in the Methodist, Wesleyan, and Evangelical traditions. It serves as a resource for students, scholars, and the church, particularly those at MWRC partner institutions

      The MWRC promotes and supports research on the life and work of John and Charles Wesley, their contemporaries in the 18th century Evangelical Revival, their historical and theological antecedents, their successors in the Wesleyan traditions, and contemporary scholarship in the Wesleyan and Evangelical traditions. This includes areas such as theology, history, biblical studies, education, ethics, literature, mission, philosophy, pastoral studies, practical theology, social theology, and interdisciplinary studies.

      The MWRC is located on the campus of Nazarene Theological College in the Manchester suburb of Didsbury and is affiliated with the Methodist Archives, housed in The John Rylands Research Institute and Library. These research centres provide magnificent resources for students and researchers in this field.

      The MWRC Brochure can be downloaded here. You can connect with us via our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages and subscribe to our email newsletter here.

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      Contact Us

      If you are interested in further information about the MWRC and its programmes, or would like to be placed on the mailing list for information about forthcoming events, please fill out the adjacent form or contact the Centre at one of the following addresses:

      Manchester Wesley Research Centre
      Dene Road, Didsbury
      Manchester M20 2GU
      United Kingdom

      MWRC Director
      Geordan Hammond, Ph.D. 
      Email: ghammond@nazarene.ac.uk

      MWRC Associate Director
      David Bundy, Ph.D. 
      Email: dbundy@nazarene.ac.uk

      MWRC International Representative
      Howard A. Snyder, Ph.D. 
      Email: has@wineskins.net 

      MWRC Postgraduate Assistant
      Luci Frerichs Parrish, M.A.
      Email: lparrish@manchester.ac.uk

      MWRC Postgraduate Assistant
      Fernando Carvalho, M.A.
      Email: fcarvalho@nazarene.ac.uk

      MWRC Library Assistant
      Robert Card, M.A., Dip.LIM
      Email: rcard@nazarene.ac.uk

      MWRC Research Assistant
      Mark K. Olson, Ph.D.
      Email: mkolson757@gmail.com

      The Manchester Wesley Research Centre is a community of scholarship, and as such distributes information on research, upcoming events, fellowships and other matters that will be of interest to Wesley scholars. Any personal data held by the MWRC is held under the lawful basis of consent, and is used only to distribute information and updates about the matters listed above.